Four years after Sophie Binet-Budelot’s first album “Adventure” released in November 2015, was born “Alive”. It was composed only of creations of French composers and friends of Sophie, the album revolves around this theme “Alive”: what makes us feel alive and happy to be…

The new, unique elements of this second album are : the bass guitar for the “rock” style and vocal accompaniment. Voices blend so well with the tenor horn. The singers are accompanied by cello and congas in one of the pieces.

  • Singers: Marie Royer (mezzo), Gaëlle François (soprano), Lucile Bailly (alto)
  • Cello: Stéphanie Mouchet
  • Congas: Alexandre Roussel

In “Alive”, we find four musicians who were part of Sophie Binet-Budelot’s first album project “Adventure”:

  • Sophie Thévenard (marimba, vibraphone)
  • Pierre-Antoine Savoyat (flugelhorn)
  • David Maillot (bass saxhorn)

« Alive » offers:

  • Two compositions by Pierre-Antoine Savoyat: a piece for tenor horn, voices, congas and a trio for flugel horn, tenor horn, bass saxhorn
  • A composition by Thierry Thibault for tenor horn and electric bass
  • A composition by Thibaut Bruniaux for tenor horn and vibraphone
  • A composition by Jérémy Chmielarz for tenor horn, voice, vibraphone and electric bass

For this second album, Sophie Binet-Budelot has also started writing. She composed three pieces:

  • A duo for tenor horn and electric bass
  • A quartet for tenor horn, voice, vibraphone and electric bass
  • Woods, music that we hear on the teaser.

The recording was done by Luc Fourneau in the Allende hall, a new concert hall in Mons-en-Baroeul near Lille, in the North of France.